You always hear how people are afraid of change or how no one likes change. Why is that? Is it the fear of the unknown? But doesn’t everyday start with unknowns? I know that when I wake up in the morning I think I know what the day may have in store for me, but nothing is guaranteed. The only thing that is always constant is change so why is it so hard to embrace?

I’ve certainly had my fears awoken through the potential of impending change. I have even spent days obsessing over the what ifs and the why nows that go hand in hand with changes. It’s been eating at my soul. Some days the fear has gripped my heart with an iron fist making me think it would truly kill me. Other days it just lingers in the back of my mind like that splinter in your finger that you can’t see.  Every once in a while you rub against the spot just right and send pains shooting through your whole finger, but you can’t seem to pinpoint where or what it is, you just know that it’s there.

Our past experiences make us who we are today. That includes the good and the bad. Looking back I can identify many changes in my life. Some were bad but many were good. In order to put my mind at ease lately, I have had to change my perspective on how I look at change. It’s important for my own well-being to remember those good changes in my life, yet that unknown factor continues to creep in like hot steam from a shower, slowly fogging up the glass I am trying to see through.  As I have searched for a way to change my perspective over the inevitable, I received help from an unlikely place: Mother Nature.

I began to think about how the seasons change every few months.  We witness some pretty big changes as the seasons progress.  We know the weather will not stay the same and we know nature itself will make some pretty drastic transformations.  So why don’t we hold any fear regarding those changes?  It’s  not because the unknowns have been removed.  We may have a general idea of what to expect in the upcoming months, but we still don’t know for sure.  As the vibrant colors of Fall die into the cold grey skies of Winter there are still a lot of variables that can have a vast effect on the outcome of the season.  How do we know this isn’t going to be the worst Winter in history?  It could bring massive blizzards and heartbreaking devastation.  That possibility always exists, yet we aren’t afraid of Winter’s impending entrance.  We can find comfort in our memories drawing from past seasons and make assumptions based on those experiences.  As I look back on the changes throughout my life, I have mainly good memories.  I’ve decided to use those memories to make the same type of assumptions regarding future changes in  my life.  Much as I look forward to the changing seasons, I am going to start looking forward to changes in life.  Yeah, the possibility of expectations not being met will still exist, but the chances are greater that I will be left with good memories someday.  Bring on the next season…and thanks Mother Nature.